A few years ago we witnessed a real revolution in digital education. Most universities have set up their educational courses for all through free and paid e-platforms that all students from all over the world can access and learn at any time, from anywhere.

It is not only the universities that have facilitated their courses, but activists have also worked on securing courses for all ages, be it primary, preparatory or secondary education. Khan Academy is one of the best examples. But the Arab world and especially Syria, have only joined the movement a short time ago.

We, Syrians, are most in need of digital education, as traditional schools are no longer functioning for many reasons. Yet, we do not have them. But this was before the Syrian digital school, as this school came as a modern and attractive alternative that offers educational material to students everywhere, implemented in a modern manner that is comparable to global counterparts, and perhaps even surpasses them. This is what we hope you will feel about the digital school in the coming lines.

What is a digital school?

It is a modern integrated educational system that contributes to meeting the current and future educational needs, as a virtual alternative to the traditional school starting from the first grade and ending in high school.

This school offers the syllabus, which is a developed and improved Syrian curriculum in various forms, including text, audio and video. Students can access this material through the various digital school platforms, whether online through the website, the mobile application or video channels.

Students can also access these materials via CDs and many other methods. The content of the school is, as we have said, visual, written or audible. In particular, the school offers:

1-Video episodes of the Syrian curriculum adopted by the Syrian interim government, so that these episodes are of high quality and clear voice, and contain sophisticated means of illustration such as graphics and forms, with the help of qualified individuals.

2-Audio episodes, so they serve those with weak internet connections, contain the exact same information, and rely more on clarity of sound.

3-Text files (PDF), files that contain the curriculum fully, and are available for download and compatible with all platforms and devices.

4-Exercises, exam programs and placement programs.

5-News, information and educational data.

6-Studies, articles and scientific research.

7-Social and educational environment, logistics services and much more.

Why do we need digital school more than ever?

There was a sense of hope among Syrians that their crisis was temporary and destined to end. Today, however, after eight years of this crisis, we do not feel close to end; so it is a reality that we must live with and adapt to.

Among the most important things that need a radical solution, education stands in the forefront. It is one of the few things which the lack of cannot be tolerated in complacency. This is what prompted some education activists to start the digital school project and do everything they can to make it work; because they know that education alone is the key if we are to overcome our plight. But let me make it very clear to you that digital school is not some solution to the problem, but rather an ideal solution to this problem.

As you know, the traditional method of education in Syria was to convey the contents of the curriculum by teaching books in schools to stable students at all levels, including psychologically and spatially. As follows:

However, the crushing war and displacement have upset this system and students are not stable on any level. Their spatial, temporal, social and health conditions are all affected and their access to traditional education is almost impossible.

Here, the role of the digital school is evident. It allows all Syrian students to enroll in it and pursue their education regardless of their circumstances. Anyone with a computer and internet access can use the website. Those who have a smartphone can download the application, and those who do not have the Internet at all can buy CDs and take full advantage of the curriculum.

In addition to the above, the digital school has many other advantages.

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Digital School Tools

1. Electronic book

These include the entire curriculum in electronic form, so students can browse the subjects, add comments, and print specific paragraphs.They can also view the complete explanations for each lesson in voice and image in addition to appendices for specific research and summaries.

2. Website and mobile app

The Smart School can be accessed through its website or mobile application, where students can download episodes, programs, books, read the latest news and information, and benefit from sections and blogs to create a participatory learning environment for all interested people from the student to the teacher to the staff.

3. Video channels on multiple platforms

The digital school has video channels on the most popular platforms such as YouTube and Dailymotion, and many more. These channels contain videos to explain the educational curricula in full, divided by different grades and stages. The school also has accounts on all social media platforms (such as Facebook and Twitter) that allow students and school followers to get their latest news and updates moment by moment.

4. Means of access to curricula (Offline)

Not everyone can access the content online; so the school offers several online channels to get its curriculum and content. If you have a computer, you can get a program that includes e-books, video and a placement program. There are CDs and flash drives provided by the digital school achieve the same result and contain all the curricula. Those who do not have a computer can also use a tablet that can achieve the same result.

5. Educational bag

It is a complete educational package provided to any party requesting it after examining the information provided by this body so that the bag is suited to its needs.

In addition to all of the above, the digital school offers virtual reality services, such as field schools, which are based on classrooms that can be installed, dismantled and moved in an easy way. The school also offers the educational caravan, which are equipped with many educational and guidance tools that schools can use. Finally, the digital school provides the service of the educational TV channel, which does not only publish the visual curriculum, but also news of education and developments around the clock whether through its news strip or through the investigations that convey the reality of education.

Picture of the educational convoy:

The digital school is not a luxury for the Syrians, but is also said by Mr. Mahmoud Sukkar, Executive Director of the Syrian Digital School and its founder, and General Supervisor Mr. Abdullah Zangir:

It’s unique”

It is an urgent need

It is less expensive

It fills a gap

It is a zakah

It is comprehensive

It is easy to spread

It has access to the most dangerous areas

It compensates educational gaps for Syrian students

It exists and lacks fuel

We fuel it .. each in their field

“In an emergency work, let the good and charitable continue

We at Siba say that the great effort that produced 2,700 educational video courses at the highest level should receive all the help and support, and here comes your mission. It is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that the digital school achieves its mission to educate 2 million Syrian students directly and 3 million others indirectly. These figures include refugees in all countries of the world and the Arab community in foreign countries that can not learn in their mother tongue, as well as those in need of an integrated curriculum presented in the best form.