Today is the golden age of startups, as they become the target of many, such as those fleeing the havoc of traditional jobs, as well as others who wish to pursue their own experience and entrepreneurial adventure.

But as soon as the entrepreneur begins his career, and opens his fledgling company, he will be faced with the amount of problems that may arise and hinder his progress.

Entrepreneurs are driven by the many problems they face to business incubators and teams that specialize in entrepreneurship. These teams help the entrepreneurs step by step, supporting them and making their entrepreneurial adventure a better experience.

Entrepreneurs in Turkey suffer from these same problems. Perhaps even more for Syrian entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses in a new environment. This makes the WE.Alloy team an urgent need and a refuge where many find their way. So what is this team and what does it present?

Who is behind the WE.Alloy team?

WE.Alloy is a specialized team of Arab experts in strategic management, strategic planning, enterprise development and entrepreneurship. In 2016, this team was led by Shadi Al Zein, who has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Autonoma University in Barcelona. He has more than 15 years of management experience Marketing and entrepreneurship.

Since the start of the project, Mr. Shadi and the rest of the team have tried to combine management experience with strategic planning, with the aim of developing enterprises, factories, start-up pilot projects and continue their work with high efficiency and rapid growth.

As we mentioned, the Turkish market is not so easy; WE.Alloy puts its expertise in this market in all its aspects. It provides consultation, examines the state of the organization closely, suggests solutions, draws plans, and above all assists in the implementation process, measures inputs and outputs and modifies strategies to achieve the best results, while working with the client side by side to reach their goal.

The team supports a wide range of institutions and companies, helps small and medium-sized enterprises grow, and sets young people in mind, prepares and supports them to be entrepreneurs through educational programs and practical projects that raise them to lead their projects successfully and excellence.

What does the team offer ?

The team’s work rests on three axes. The first axis includes management and executive consulting, the second axis is economic feasibility studies, and the last axis of course support entrepreneurship and emerging companies.

Each axis is divided in turn to include a wide range of services. The first axis includes:

1-Administrative and executive consulting and development plans

2-Helping SMEs to grow.

3-Adjusting the production processes of factories and companies and increase productivity.

4-Institutionalizing and organizing Arab institutions and companies in Turkey.

5-Introducing the suitable administrative system and its implementation in Arab companies and factories.

6-Automating work through computer programs to adjust the production processes of factories.

Within the second axis (feasibility studies) we can find services such as:

1-Comprehensive technical study of the aspects of the project.

2-Operational plans with time projection.

3-Financial and economic study.

4-Determining the total and annual budget.

5-Studying the target market and marketing plans in numbers, sources and statistics from reality.

6-Studying the competition and points of advantage and distinguishing features..

7-A human resources plan to ensure that the project is distinguished by its staff.

8-Summary of profit, growth, capital recovery period, risk and loss probability.

With these services, entrepreneurs certainly have the ability to make better decisions based on practical realities to be better and more successful entrepreneurs. This leads us to the axis of entrepreneurship start-up support. WE.Alloy is committed to providing the support and expertise it has to young people, through educational programs and practical projects to upgrade them to achieve their ambitions and to lead their projects successfully.

The WE.Alloy team started from the labor market, where it saw the problems that could be faced by large companies and small companies, leading to their failure and hindering their growth, especially the Arab companies in Turkey. After three years the team has the solution and the keys to success, supporting SMEs to grow, and controlling the production processes of factories and companies to increase productivity, and support for Arab institutions and companies in Turkey with plans and institutional and organizational work.

Visit the team’s website, or Facebook page, and watch this video

It is our role to support this team and provide assistance so that the team achieves its goals in providing the youth with the necessary skills to establish their own projects, support them in planning and implementing their projects, and exchange ideas and information among them, thus achieving an entrepreneurial society that benefits each other, and success will certainly be its ally.