Syrian businessmen/ women and entrepreneurs who have started their ventures abroad, face many problems, not the least of which the difficulty of starting a business in a different environment, especially in non-Arab countries where integration into new societies usually takes longer than expected. However, many Syrians have established successful businesses and projects around the world. These inspirational success stories are all over the news, which in turn encouraged more to start their own projects and challenge all the circumstances.

Therefore, the need for an organisation or an association to unite Syrian business people and entrepreneurs abroad has become more crucial than ever. That was the vision of the founders of the Syrian International Business Association (SIBA).

Since the establishment of the association in the French city of Marseilles in mid-July 2017, Syrian International Business Association has brought many Syrian business owners and entrepreneurs together of both genders. It has helped stimulate economic development opportunities of Syrian individuals around the world through many benefits it offers to its members. Below, we will review some of these benefits.

What benefits does SIBA offer?


Certainly, all businessmen and women are aware of the importance of networking with Syrian communities in countries of exile to support any project or idea. What about connections with business people who have valuable experience in their respective fields? Especially those who have established successful companies and businesses abroad. This will be very useful to you as a rising entrepreneur, or an existing entrepreneur looking for further expansion.

You will be able to identify, communicate with and benefit from these people directly through the events that SIBA organizes. You may also build partnerships with them, including representatives of the public, private and joint sectors in host countries.

Information sharing

SIBA facilitates the sharing of information on employment and investment opportunities in host countries, potential business partners and resources to develop efficiency. It offers advice and success stories from the Syrian business community and its affiliates.

It is worth mentioning that SIBA held the first conference (webinar) in which it presented a comprehensive summary of the highlights of its achievements in its first year, and what it seeks to achieve in the future in partnership with a group of members and the founders.

Project support

Helping emerging entrepreneurs is a priority for SIBA, and business development includes all possible ways from coordination, skill-development, financial support, and other business development tools.

Do you have a business or a project and want to join SIBA to benefit from the services it offers? You can easily fill out the membership application. If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to: