Many Arab entrepreneurs and makers today want to start their way through e-commerce projects, in what is known as the culture of the industry, that mature culture among young Arabs as it is among young people around the world. The Souq at, founded by Mr. Wael Doukmak, seeks to provide a platform that links these Arab manufacturers, wherever they are, with the global market.

Mr. Wael Doukmak began his project in the United States by securing goods produced by Arabs or Arab manufacturers to buyers around the world. The project took the name of the Souq at

About the Souq at

The Arab Market project celebrates innovation, creativity and hard work. This project has adopted these three principles not only to withstand challenges but also to be one of the most successful projects in that part of the world, the home of e-commerce.

This market offers a variety of products that the Arab world boasts, all of which are in one place and can be obtained with the click of a button.

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What does the Arab market offer?

As we have said, there is a very wide range of products. For example, women can find clothing with a variety of designs, colors or cultures, and young children and men have their share of clothing as well.

Beside the clothing, the market also provides Arabic books for children, an ideal reflection of the cultural dimension that we have focused on in this article. Young children learn English in schools, losing the opportunity to learn the Arabic language; so these books come as a guide to parents in their hard task.

A collection of books offered by the the souq at

A collection of books offered by the the souq at

In addition to all the above, visitors will find a variety of accessories to help decorate his homes, as well as many different luxuries.

Have we forgotten food?! Of course not, if we talk about the cultural dimension, food is one of the most prominent representations, so you will find a variety of traditional Arabic sweets, in addition to arabic coffee.

Some varieties of sweets offered by the souq at

Some varieties of sweets offered by the souq at

The Souq at more than just an online store

Online stores usually rely on a gap in the market to start harvesting profits. Although the the souq at has already found this gap, its mission does not end here. The project seeks to promote some of the most important values ​​such as fair trade, empowerment of Arab women, and support for organic clothing.

These values, in addition to establishing the cultural dimension of this project, make a unique story to be told by its founder Mr. Wael Doukmak. It is certainly more than a regular online store.

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“We encourage Arab youth wherever they are to continue their creative work and persevere in transforming their creative thinking into an output that competes with others in the world and our platform is ready and proud to always give this output a serious opportunity to show it to the world. We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you”

You can visit (the souq at from here or its Facebook page. Or the page of Mr. Wael Doukmak.

Well, the story is in your hands and I do not think we need to remind you of the need to support such projects that promote our values, enable Arab youth and keep immigrants culturally linked to their civilization.