As a membership organization, we are here to deliver services to our members, facilitate the exchange of services among them and engage other stakeholders globally. To do so effectively, we are adopting a communication strategy to reach and engage a global community. Our aim with in the first year is to inform relevant stakeholders of our presence across traditional, digital and social communication channels. We hope to drive over a million site visitors within the first year. We will do so by sharing 6 content categories:

  1. Compelling stories from our community,
  2. Relevant data and infographics about the sectors and geographies of our members operate within
  3. Events we host or relevant events from our community
  4. Educational business webinars
  5. Opportunity listings and bid applications
  6. News about SIBA and the SIBA wider community
  7. Surveys and polls to improve our knowledge of the SIBA wider community and share it

As we ramp up our team, we hope you’ll support us by volunteering information and time. We look forward to your contribution to our content. You can help us by recommending stories to feature, volunteer to assist with a survey or webinar, or share information about an event; send us additional suggestions to