Social media platforms are diverse and branch depending on our interests, some are for general communication, others are geared towards experts and politicians and some specialise in business.

But not all of these platforms have real social benefit, let alone scandals that are published from time to time. However, there is a lack of a social media platform geared towards volunteers; enter Bevol platform, a social network for community work and volunteering.

The platform is now available in five languages, Arabic, English and French. In addition to Turkish and German, and the managers are working on adding other languages​.

Bevol enjoys full independence and therefore does not belong to any party, country or nation.

Bevel platform from idea to implementation

The platform was not born today, it is the effort of many years. It began as an idea in 2015, and derived its name from the English (be volunteer), “Be a volunteer.”

The platform was announced on 5/12/2017, which coincides with World Volunteer Day. After several efforts and developments at the idea and platform level, the beta launch was announced on the International Day of Community Responsibility, on 25/9/2018.

Bevol is now in the beta phase, yet its operators have found a great deal of engagement with many Arab, Turkish and Western personalities and organizations, and are now licensed in France as a civil society organization and in Britain as a limited company.

Bevol is also a member of the International Association for Voluntary Effort (based in the United States) and is also participating in the United Nations International Business Competition that contributes to the achievement of the sustainable development goals.

?Why should I register in Bevol

Many people want to volunteer today, but finding the right opportunity that suits the person’s own abilities can be a complex process. Bevol collects all volunteer opportunities in one place, so anyone can find the right opportunity with ease. Several criteria are available for you to choose from, such as: location, time, timing, area of ​​interest, type and name of the organization with which he wishes to volunteer, as well as the nature of voluntary participation, whether by distance or by personal presence.

Bevol has many other advantages, not only does it provide volunteering opportunities, but also provides the advertising institutions with an advanced technical system through which these institutions can fully manage their volunteer tasks, including evaluating the volunteer’s performance. The volunteer will automatically receive points equivalent to his volunteering activity, which are added to their balance.

Documentation is also one of the most important benefits a volunteer receives when registering in Bevol, where documentation allows the volunteer to obtain a certificate, which can be submitted to anyone who requests it, and thus the Bevol volunteer can build a rich resume that helps them to appear professionally before others.

Bevol also gives the international volunteer card, a five-level card. The type of level depends on the number of points the volunteer receives. Upon receiving this card, the volunteer is able to access many benefits from the platform partners.

You can register in Befoule in three ways:

1-As a volunteer: and you will get the features mentioned above.

2-As an organization that requires volunteers: which will receive an annual budget of points in addition to the opportunity to publish news, activities and projects.

3-As a company that wishes to support volunteer work and carry out its social responsibility: it will be able to announce its news and products within its account, as well as announce its rebates to volunteers through Bevol, which will provide it with a broad promotion opportunity within the Bevol community.

Bevol also provides an opportunity for organizations and companies to advertise their career opportunities so that they can choose the most efficient among the volunteers applying for these jobs.

All these advantages are added to the aforementioned ones to make Bevol a unique platform worldwide.

Watch the video below to learn more about the platform and how it works:

Bevol is simply a new vision for volunteering, an international platform that will be a new Arab imprint in the global space, so be one of its supporters.