We are overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response of the Syrian global community; since the announcement of SIBA’s establishment last month, we have received countless communications through phone, email, social media and other channels. Many wanted to know how SIBA will benefit them and their organization, others wanted to know how to apply. Here’s a list of 4 benefits to joining and the way you can join:

  1. Information sharing – SIBA will facilitate information sharing about business and investment opportunities, potential business partners, sources of capacity development, lessons learned, and successes within the global Syrian business community and its affiliates.
  2. Relationship building and networking – SIBA with host country public and private sector actors and multilateral institutions.
  3. Business environment – SIBA will play a role in improving the business and regulatory environments for startups and existing Syrian led business operations in host countries.
  4. Transactions – SIBA’s support for business development will include matchmaking, skills development, access to finance, value chain linkages and other specific business development vehicles.

Stay tuned for more details on how SIBA can benefit you and your business. If you have any suggestions you can reach us through our website. If you’re interested in joining SIBA, fill out the application.